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Here are some thumbnails of Briareos and Deunan from my collection. I'll add more as I find/scan them. Click on a thumbnail for the full-size image.

Briareos pic #1 A painting done for the "Appleseed" video box. Taken from "Intron Depot 1", a collection of Masamune Shirow's work.
Briareos pic #2 Part of the cover from "Appleseed 4". Deunan's combat suit and all the fasteners and dangling equipment on Briareos' combat fittings are covered with a rubberized coating to minimize clash and clatter while they're running (that's why everything's black). This is also available in "Intron Depot 1".
Briareos pic #3 An unpublished painting from "Intron Depot 1".
Briareos pic #4 A painting used for animation merchandising. From "Intron Depot 1".
Briareos pic #5 A discarded frontispiece for either "Appleseed 3" or "Appleseed 4". Deunan cleans up pretty nicely, doesn't she? From "Intron Depot 1".
Briareos pic #6 A portion of the "Appleseed Databook" cover. From "Intron Depot 1".
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